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    【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi 】<JOHAN> Summer only product 「Cooled Melon」

    2020/06/26 Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

    【Shop】Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
    【Location】B2 Floor JOHAN
    【Event Period】2020-05-27 to 2020-08-31

    We have a special product that is perfect for the hot summer!
    Summer only product 「Cooled melon」that has icy cream in.
    In addition to Milk vanilla and Melon flavors, we’ve got Strawberry Milk flavor this year!
    It has a light milky cream in and it will give you the taste of the richness but not too much.
    Please enjoy the hot summer with this Cooled Melon bread!

    ◆Cooled Melon(Milk Vanilla・Melon・Strawberry Milk)
    Each flavor 1 piece  227 yen