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    【Fukuoka Mitsukoshi】Nousaku  Hammered Pattern Kit – Tumbler

    2020/06/26 Fukuoka Mitsukoshi

    【Shop】Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
    【Location】8th floor Living   Nousaku
    【Event Period】2020-06-05 to 2021-06-30

    “Enjoy the craftsman experience at home” “Enrich your stay-home time”
    There is no same hammered pattern which is made by hitting with a hammer.
    High-purity tin can be designed softly and effortlessly the hammered pattern,
    so all the family members can enjoy it.

    Hammered pattern kit – Tumbler
    Tumbler: Height 60mm Diameter 75cm Material: 100% tin
    Hammer: Full length 142mm Material: Stainless
    Cup for making: Height 72mm Diameter 77mm Material: ABS resin
    Capacity: 120cc
    Weight: 220g
    Price: 7,700 yen